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Offering the best Retail Optical Shop Software, Radiology Reporting Software, Prescription Writing Software, etc.
About Our Company 

Visual Infosoft Pvt. Ltd. began its operations to provide healthcare software in 1996 under the name, Visual Software Solution. The first product, exclusive for ophthalmologists, was introduced in 1997, followed by software for pediatricians in 1998, and finally software for physicians in 2000. The journey did not end there, as we continued to develop as a medical speciality software manufacturer and service provider. Following the earthquake in Gujarat in 2001, we built pharmaceutical software to assist healthcare providers. Our hospital management system was first introduced in 2004. By 2010, we had 17 different types of healthcare software and 10 different types of retail billing software. 

In 2004, we changed the name of Visual Software Solution to Visual InfoSoft Pvt. Ltd. in order to offer better service the healthcare business. The major goal of our company is to complete computerization, or a paperless clinic/hospital. Following the success of pharmacy software, other retail solutions were implemented after VAT/GST. A major goal is to make the billing sector more efficient. Today, we are famous for our best Retail Shop Billing Software, Diagnostic Management Software, ENT Surgeon Clinic Or Hospital Management Software, etc. Thousands of customers see us as the best service provider of India. 

Approaches To Attaining Milestones That Are Fundamental

Vertical Solution
  • Realizing that there cannot be a single software/EMR for the whole healthcare business, Visual InfoSoft Pvt. Ltd. focuses on producing distinct software for each doctor's specialisation. We currently offer software for over 17 distinct types of doctors.
  • Aside from inventory management and bookkeeping, each retail business has its own set of criteria. We currently offer ten different billing software products.
Customer Centric Approach
  • The customers requirement for reaching his or her company goal is critical. We at Visual Info Soft Pvt. Ltd. appreciate and accept those customers who teach us a lot about their industry.
  • Who better to understand this than us, as we began in 1996 and released our first software for Windows only. Every six months, Visual InfoSoft Pvt. Ltd. releases a new edition of software with new features and improvements.


Mr.Shrivastav earned a master's degree in computer science from Sardar Patel University and a bachelor's degree in computer science from the same institution. He recognised possibilities in the healthcare business in India when he had a strong desire to complete a Computer Degree and travel abroad. Visual Software Solution (now Visual InfoSoft Pvt. Ltd.) was the first firm in India to supply EMR for Eye Surgeons in a Windows environment in 1997, when there were almost no companies specialising on healthcare software. Goal of Mr. Shrivastav has always been to serve the healthcare and retail billing industries. He decided to pursue his interest in the healthcare industry and now takes great joy in assisting his customers in finding the best software solutions for their businesses. His only goal is to provide excellent ENT Surgeon Clinic Or Hospital Management Software, Diagnostic Management Software, etc. services, and his success mantra is devotion.
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